Letter of Introduction

Thank you for visiting our website. This letter is in response to some questions that you may have regarding the capabilities of Krakau Business Computer Systems.

kblogolet.jpg (15617 bytes) is a systems integration firm specializing in finding the right combination of products and services to fit our clients' needs.We sell and support both hardware and software and make them work together optimally.

kbcs logo provides hardware, software, evaluation, systems analysis, installation, training, support, custom development, and turnkey systems for PC, local and wide area network and telecommunications systems.

We sell a wide variety of products so that we have the freedom to choose exactly the right products for each individual client based on quality and value. For products that we cannot handle directly or through collaborative efforts, we will conduct research to find an appropriate vendor, assist the client in negotiations and provide day-to-day project coordination with that vendor.

This freedom to choose also extends to the services we offer. If a client's needs suggest a solution not within our immediate arsenal of skills, we can pool dedicated professionals from a consortium of small specialty firms and individuals who regularly work together in cooperative projects, or, failing that, recruit talented individuals from our contacts in various computer-oriented organizations.

The predecessor of Krakau Business Computer Systems was founded in January of 1983, after two years of intensive research and preparation to provide comprehensive systems integration services in the spirit of the large systems integration organizations that have, for years, provided those services exclusively for vast multimillion dollar government and commercial projects.

Wayne Krakau is the president of kbcs logo . He has been a computer professional for over 30 years, having worked his way up to Senior Systems Analyst on IBM mainframes prior to transitioning to microcomputers. He holds an M.B.A. in Marketing and a B.S. in Information Science and was originally educated in Computer and Information Systems Analysis Engineering. He holds Novell MCNE (Master Certified Network Engineer) and CNI (Certified Network Instructor) ratings, CallWare’s CNTE (Certified Network Telephony Engineer), COMPTIA’s CTT (Certified Technical Trainer) and IT Project Plus and all five of the original LANDA (the former LAN Dealer Association - now NetTech) certifications.

Wayne's articles were published monthly in The Chicago Computer Guide and on The Chicago Computer Guide Online. He also occasionally wrote for NewsWare, the newsletter of CAN² (the Chicago Area NetWare Networkers, the local chapter of NetWare Users International), The Law Works, a national publication read by 45,000 lawyers specializing in the intellectual property arena, and for Computing Channels, the monthly magazine of CompTIA.

He has developed and taught specialty courses covering various aspects of networking and occasionally lecture at various trade shows and organizations including the South-Suburban Chapter of the DPMA, the Chicago chapter of CompTIA, The Midwest Federal Bankruptcy Court LAN Administrators User Group, CAN² (twice), the Computer Solutions Expo, and Windows World/Enterprise Computing Solutions Expo.

Please contact us at 630-837-9920 if you need additional information.